Freedom Ballot Access

Welcome to the Freedom Ballot Access Web Pages.

Freedom Ballot Access works to support ballot access for Third Party candidates across the United States. Our particular focus has been Libertarian candidates for Federal office, but we will support ballot access for all third party candidates in every part of the United States. Freedom Ballot Access does not advocate the election of particular candidates. We do advocate the belief that the voters should be given freedom of choice, the freedom to decide their elected public officials for themselves.

The Freedom Ballot Access Board: George Phillies, Lee Wrights. Treasurer: Carol McMahon.

Freedom Ballot Access urges you to support ballot access efforts. We are not a Political Action Committee.

We are not currently accepting donations. We urge you to send your ballot access support money directly to Paul Frankel, who is actively working on ballot access in Alabama, with North Dakota and Kentucky to follow. For information on donating, given our wonderful election codes, please call him at 415-690-6352.

What have we done with your money?

We have had minimal expenses. Almost all of your money went straight into ballot access. We hired petitioners, sometimes trained petitioners, and sometimes helped to fund litigation. A few percent of your money went to our credit card collection services. That was zero per cent if you donate by check. A few percent of your money was consumed by administration. We sometimes rented mailing lists.

New Special Program: Freedom Ballot Access has arranged a new special program with Champion Libertarian Petitioner Paulie Cannoli to do ballot access petitioning in states where you can petition now for ballot access in future elections. States where petitioning opportunities arise now include Alabama and Arkansas.